Terms and Conditions

Recently the cars are changing faster than the computers in fact the modern cars are more likely computers on wheels. With the development of the electronics, the automotive industry is not left behind. Every system in the vehicle is controlled by electronic computer. There are lots of electronic sensors, components and wirings involved. Of course the most sophisticated of all is Mercedes Benz. So the great knowledge and understanding of the vehicle is not optional any more, but it is an entry level in this job. Diagnosis on the car is not done by the diagnostic tool, as it is commonly misunderstood, but by the technician who works with the diagnostic tool. Performing diagnosis is the highest level which a technician can reach. This is not an easy job, especially when you playing with the costumer’s money. This means, the technician must know very well mechanical construction of vehicle, must know very well all electronic systems, must have an auto electrical knowledge to test wirings, connections and to read wirings diagrams and documents. Reaching of this level is resulted by years of experience, study and personal effort. With the new cars nothing is quick any more. Diagnosis can take from 5min. to 5 hours or 5 days. That is way in our workshop we have fix diagnosis charge to find the problem on the vehicle. After that we will prepare an estimate¬† for the repairs need to be done. Also please do not forget that the price of all correct and original tools is extremely high! Keeping up with the technology cost money!

Diagnosis charge will apply to every vehicle with no exception. Diagnosis charge will apply in cases as:

  • Just tell me what the problem is
  • I just need to put the car on the machine
  • I just need a quotation
  • I just need to know how much it will cost me
  • Can you just have a look

And any other in this sort.

Diagnosis for Mercedes vehicles is R 1650.00 + VAT