W204 ESL Repair

No need to replace very expensive ESL module any more. Now we can repair the original part to brand new condition. The repair takes 1 to 2 working days.

New Mercedes keys for models after 2007

We can supply new Mercedes Keys for models from year 2007 to 2011 where there is one working key available. This is applicable to W204, W212, ML164, GL164, W221

A and B class Gearbox Control Module

We repair Gearbox Control Module ( Electronic Plate) on Mercedes CVT gearboxes. They are installed in all A (W169) and B (W245) models.

ABS Hydraulic pump module

Now we can repair ABS hydraulic module for 164 ML

A/C module


Now we can repair faulty A/C modules for 164 ML

Timing gears


Re-manufactured camshaft gears for 271 engine available now. 6 months warranty. Timing chain and tightener must be replaced with both cam gears.

Ignition keys

Latest generation Mercedes Benz keys are available now!